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Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna Vs Zimbara Movie In Hindi

Release :- 25 AUGUST 2013 (INDIA)
Language :- HINDI 
Duration :- 1H5M
Size:-  280 MB 
Quality :- 544p

MOVIE SUMMARY :- Chhota Bheem saves his friends from some ferocious hyenas. They meet Tuntun Mausi and plan for a special skit to demonstrate Bheem and Krishna destroying the evil Kirmada in Dholakpur's locality. The skit goes as planned but Bheem is tensed as Krishna has not turned up for the skit but however they move on and Kanha arrives right in time to save Bheem in the climax scene and the friends enjoy their re union. Kanha who has been informed by Dhuni Baba that an evil force Zimbara is searching for the key to Adraksh which will release Shaithaan and Bheem and his friends must prevent Zimbara from reaching the Adraksh. Bheem and the others at once set of with Krishna to quell the disaster.

Meanwhile, Dhuni Baba is kidnapped by Zimbara and using Shaithaan's hypnotising powers Dhuni Baba reveals that the key to Adraksh is hidden in Sunderbans and Zimbara immediately sets off to Sunderbans with his forces. At the same time Bheem and his friends set out to the place of Adraksh. They have to cross the forest of demons which is no longer a forest but just barren land because of the curse of Shaithaan. Kalia and Dholu and Bholu get caught in the demon's trap but Bheem and Kanha save them and fight of the demons. The Demon king explains that the crown on his head is the ring in Shaithaan's finger and only the single drop of water inside the ring can save the forest. But to retrieve the drop of water the ring must be broken which has been tried in vain. Bheem offers to give a try and is successful in breaking the ring and the forest is lushed back to its greenery and vibrance.

The demons also join force with Bheem and Krishna to battle Zimbara. The Eagle Kingdom also joins them. Zimbara manages to open the Adraksh but Bheem with Krishna's support locks Shaithaan back into Adraksh and a defeated Zimbara leaves with a vow to come back. The Garudas take the children back to Dholakpur where they are excitedly received by Princess Indumati and the king and as usual with the end of the adventure Kanha takes his leave to Dwarka.


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